Matching Swimsuits for Crew and Mommy

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Ahhh, I was so excited when Rad Swim sent matching swimsuits for Crew and me! I like modest suits, but don’t particularly like looking like a nun taking a dip, so I was pretty pumped about these! And they have sooo many cute suits on their site, with a lot of styles that are an exact match to a mini suit. Something about twinning with your kid just makes everything a whole lot more fun!

This is the first time in a while that Crew’s been in the pool. My sister in-in-love, Lauren, has the most GORGEOUS backyard. It’s honestly an oasis, with billions of plants and flowers. All greenery is from the greenhouse/nursery they own, Hamilton Providence Garden, and if you live in this area…you need to go check it out! I feel like I am supposed to live outside(especially in places that look like this and have a full outdoor kitchen)…but bugs are probably the only reason why that hasn’t happened yet. Mosquitoes EAT me alive, and they don’t touch Jake or Crew? I just assume it’s because I am super sweet and tasty(said with a really sly grin). I want to do a study on it, because I feel like it has something to do with blood types.

But back to Crew being in the pool! She wasn’t scared at all! She stood on the side and would say, “one….two….” and I would scream, “three!” and rip her into the water while she lunged. She flopped all over the place and would dunk her face under. In the kiddie side she slid under a couple times and had no where with all to right herself up and it freaked me out that she could honestly drown that easy! There’s no relaxing while at the pool…I’m watching her better than a buzzard watches a dying animal. I want to get her swimming lessons, but I’m not sure there are any around here that teach toddlers to swim so they are totally able to swim by themselves. I’ve known of people who do that in bigger cities and their child learned to swim in like two weeks! She definitely wants to be set free in the water.

I have been using the BOMB fake tan Tanceuticals sent me and I LOOOVE it! I linked the specific one I’ve been using below and it doesn’t streak, goes on killer easy and has no orange tint to it. It also smells good! I’ve been really trying not to let my skin burn for the last couple years and so I am super pleased I found something to bronze me up!

Alrighty, I hope you guys go check out Rad Swim and find something super adorable for summer time!


 The Emily & Meritt Palm Leaf Beach Towel Image 1 of HAT WITH CORD RIBBON from Zara Image 2 of GLASSES WITH ROUND TRANSPARENT FRAME from Zara  BigMouth Inc. Giant White Swan Pool Float Luvv Flat Sandal product photo product photo 



  1. jday
    May 26, 2017 / 6:08 pm

    Super tasteful SUMMER photo shoot!! Love it!! How fun!! Always love reading your blog💕 I love that you posted pics that have the links, so it takes you right to the website. So perfect!!

  2. jday
    May 26, 2017 / 6:22 pm

    PS LOVE the VACAY bag! Is that a TJ Maxx score? Can you tell how much I’m obsessed with summer from all my comments??😂😂

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