Vacation Fun with the Fam



Crew’s little ginger head. (heart eyes)


Swimsuit no longer made, similar here. here and here. Crew’s suit is Old Navy, no longer made.

DSC_0016At Universal Studios, hanging out with Jimmy.


That beard^….oh my GOSH, I hated that thing! And Jake is so proud of this time in his life. I mean look at the texture! It was fun while it lasted! Crew’s headwrap is only made in other colors now here.



Jake’s trunks are Volcom, sold out, but same cut and style here.


I wear this Hollister cardigan ALL the time, similar idea…and only $13 dollars here. I got my hat at a garage sale.

 dsc_0141 dsc_0148 dsc_0244 dsc_0320

“A little bright, mom!”


My sister’s GORGEOUS hair! It honestly goes down past her bum now!


Walking in the beautiful neighborhoods!

 dsc_0851 e-2

We shared a room with Carrie in Massachusetts, and every morning Crew would make her way into bed with Care and have the cutest cuddle sessions. Also, my sister really is that beautiful in the morning!


Shopping in Boston!


All us girls and our amazing momma!


Crew wasn’t having that beard on her cheek!


Jake’s first Father’s Day!


My wonderful daddy



We ate at Yellow Dog Eats in Florida and it was DELICIOUS! Super cool vibe and set up!


I got this hat at a garage sale as well. My shoes are asos, no longer sold, similar here. Crew’s headwrap is sold out, same brand and similar here. My romper is Old Navy here.


I can NOT handle how much I adore this girl!



Crane’s Estate in Ipswich, Massachusetts.




Tunic is Old Navy, $13 dollars! My sandals are super comfortable MIAs and on sale for $30! My hat is an old Jessica Simpson hat from TJ Maxx.


Crew pooped her outfit, so that’s why she looks like my little boy;)





Every summer since I was a young girl we would go on a family vacation, mostly to Massachusetts, where both sets of my grandparents lived. We have so many amazing memories are from these vacations. And I love that we still get to go and I get to bring Jake along now! This year we went to Florida for several days, before heading to Massachusetts. Our entire family stayed together in a Villa with a little pool in the back. Jake got to celebrate his first Fathers Day there, which was pretty sweet. I told Him the trip was his gift and not to be expecting anything, haha, but there were sweet presents “from Crew” when we got back home. Gosh, we had a blast. We went to Universal Studios and all about DIED from the heat. Then it started pouring rain and we would freeze in these killer long lines. This greatly influenced our decision to skip out on Disney the next day…we all love Disney, but have been there before and the guys really wanted to go spear fishing. So we went to Cocoa beach instead and found an area that had maybe 3 or 4 people. It was a little windy, but the water was soooo warm and the waves were crashing in HARD, which is awesome for some fun body surfing. I was snapping a cute pic of my sister and her husband and this wave comes in way closer than they had been and completely wrecks them! Flipped Rachel head over heels, and we were ROARING! We all left with a few scratches and bruises from wave abuse. It was a wonderful day. Crew was freaked out after Jake let some of the waves hit her feet, so she mainly played with Nan in the sand. And I played as far out in the water as my fear of sharks would let me. Paha

After 5 days in Florida, we took flight to Massachusetts so we could see my parents’ families! While there, Jake and I went to visit Crane Estate, if you are ever in the area…you should definitely go tour that mansion! Hashtag insane. I would love to experience the kind of wealth the Crane’s experienced, for one day…or the rest of my life. Heh heh. In Massachusetts we all stayed together in the vacation home pictured above. It was a beautiful New England style house with hard wood floors. Immaculate and super cool. If we were to ever build a home, I would love to incorporate this style. The houses back east are amazing, and everything is so green and quaint. They keep properties in excellent shape, and have arrangements of flowers on every street corner. Ahhh, I love it there!

This trip was probably my favorite trip thus far with all of us. Our family could stay in a 4×4 room and still have a ball, solely because we have the ability to get the giggles at basically nothing! For instance, we did these stupid horse races, in the pool, on these cheap little floaties and could barely breath we were laughing so hard. It’s like we have constant late night giggles on steroids, perhaps from exhaustion that comes with traveling, idk, but I am so thankful for my family. Sometimes you come back from a vacation and feel like it wasn’t long enough…well this one was the first one that actually felt like the right amount of time. We had our fill of fun and weren’t depressed we had to head home ‘already’.


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