Our Story

Hello hello! Let me tell you guys a bit about myself. My name is Emily Boazman and I am 26 years old. First off, thank you SO much for checking out my blog! This page is about my life, my beliefs, my family, just basically my day to day….and hopefully I do not bore anyone to tears.


I married the love of my life, Jake, on May 4, 2014. And on October 4, 2015 our daughter, Crew Loren, was born. Being a parent is just amazing. Like, everyday I am so thankful that I get to be her momma!


But a little back story to prelude THE most important thing in my life that made my present life possible. So I was going to school to become a nurse, and during my free time I would go to the school gym to play basketball….well one night in comes this HOTTIE mc-body…who played ball better than any of the other guys out there and kept making eye contact with me. He was totally trying to guard me and honestly….sparks were flying. His name was Jake and he was a lawyer who had recently moved back to NM. After that first night in the gym he began to study every day for his bar exam in the school library and I studied for nursing school…in that same library. We started meeting at this one table in the back and studied together, and by studied…I mean talked for hours, every day, at that table and had such a great time getting to know each other. Then we started seeing each other/dating….long story short, I stopped living for God and Jake and I had a completely immoral relationship and we were miserable! Full of fighting, jealousy, some small happy moments, partying and basically sadness. Thankfully on November 8, 2011 I asked Jesus Christ back in to my heart, broke up with the Jake, stopped partying and started going back to church. About 7 months later, Jake stepped into church, and over the next 8 months I watched that man give his life to God. We started dating again, except this time we had moral boundaries….and a relationship without all this prior chaos. Then on May 4, 2014…Jake and I got married, and on that day we shared our first kiss since we had broken up. God is pretty amazing to salvage our lives the way he did.Clovis Double (384)

I have been a nurse going on 6 years, I currently work as a labor and delivery nurse, which I love. I only work about 1 night a week, which is awesome because Jake can watch Crew and I can be as much of a stay at mom as possible. Jake is an assistant district attorney here in town. I am the youngest of 4 sisters, and we seriously are all best friends. My dad is the pastor at our church, and our mom is absolutely amazing and also one of our best friends. My family is honestly….the bomb dot com.Clovis Double (319)

Now finally….the reason my blog is named Sodasippinsister. Anyone who knows me knows that I LIVE with a diet mountain dew in my hand, at my side, stashed in my purse. I very seriously drink about a 12 pack a day. It is a terrible, unhealthy habit. But it is what it is. It brings me joy. Water, any other beverage….bleghhhh; no joy! Also because out of all four of us sisters, there is usually two of us or more together. Whatever we do, wherever we go, we always have a sister at our side. I meant it when I said we are besties. Alright, now…please enjoy my blog, and THANK YOU for stopping by.