Affordable Finds to Mid Centurize Your Living Room

As hard as I try to get away from mid century boho….I’m unable to do it! The heart wants what the heart wants! I have several of these pieces and LOVE them. I’ve been incorporating a lot more black into my decor and so one might say I’m touching on a mid century boho Scandinavian look, heh heh!

  1. Side Table with magazine holder – Love the simplicity and the ability to hold books or magazines.
  2. Black and Natural Wood Light Fixture – I have this light fixture and I LOVE IT!! I got these Edison bulbs (upclose pic down below) which have a neat look but MAKE SURE YOU GET DIMMER BULBS!! I got 60W and holy moly, it makes my living room SHINE at night!
  3. Open Shelf – This shelf has been such a fun addition to my living room! I had a small empty wall that needed something and this was perfect! Lots of color options and if you want ideas to style it and pictures of mine, you can read this post here!
  4. Jute Rug – I love adding texture with jute rugs laid over my regular rugs!
  5. Rattan Ottoman – I love the look of natural wood and even if I don’t use it to prop my feet, it still adds a pop of flavor to the room!
  6. Fake Plant and Planter – Greenery. Every room needs greenery! It’s nice when you can be sure the plant won’t die on you!
  7. Succulent – I’m a big fan of planters that have a concrete appearance.
  8. Pink Chair – I love blush pink and adding pops of color to a room. I am not a huge fan of all black and white interiors!
  9. Grey Area Rug – I like rugs that add a brightness without being completely white. Because all white or cream rugs….get dingy real fast! This one will hide stains or dirtiness really well!
  10. Basket – Baskets are great for toys, throw pillows, blankets…etc. And they add texture. I like that this one has leather straps!
  11. Coffee Table shaped like Guitar Pick – We have one almost identical to this and I love how minimal it is but adds wood to the room.
  12. Lamp – Love the simplicity of this lamp! I want lamps in every corner of every room!
  13. Small Planter – Greenery. Need I say more?
This is an old picture of my living room. I’ll be doing a reveal soon. Just showing the coffee table:)

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