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You know when you’re running errands and have a list of everything you need, but it’s at 3 or 4 different stores? That frustrating, super aggravating feeling takes over and you never want to have to leave your house again? Welllllllll guess what?! has helped alleviate some of that stress! They not only have clothes, but a whole array of items you can purchase, without leaving your home! For instance, I have been searching for wire lights to string around my room for a long time, and only ever see them at high prices for a short length of wire. Boom. I have my lights, they were 10 bucks, and they are sooooo long! I’ve also been needing a knife set really badly and found this adorable stainless steel set! The matching aprons?? Was it even an option to bypass them with my extreme need to match Crew? False, it was not an option. They go great with the potholders and knife set as well!

Gardening. Something I have wanted to do, but have yet to start. I don’t have a single gardening tool, and I don’t get out to the greenhouses very often to even buy tools I can use for planting. What do you know… has me hooked up! Knee padsgloves with claws on them, super cheap, super handy! The thing is, you have to act fast. There was an ADORABLE lamp that I was thinking about getting and waited too long, and the deal passed, and it’s gone in the wind! You can only get these super amazing prices for the amount of time the deal lasts, which is usually around 3 days. Don’t dilly dally is my point, get it, or regret it:/


Lastly, the super cool gun blueprint I got for Jake….was a total winner! We love different pieces for our walls, and Jake loves his guns…it was a no brainer! And it goes perfect in his little corner with our record player. is a boutique that has everything. You go look, you won’t leave empty handed (or carted)…soooo…..GO LOOK!



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  1. Kelli
    June 11, 2018 / 7:08 pm

    I love all the fun things you found. The knife set is especially fun. Both practical and cute!

    I was just out planting new flowers the other day and kept thinking how nice it would be to have knee pads. I might have to get some of those.

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