Baby Must Have’s for the Minimalist Mom


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I am a minimalist out of necessity. We live in a 2 bedroom house, with two kids. So, while I would love to have every possible thing ever made for kids, it’s just can’t happen if I also want to keep my sanity and not live with junk up to my eyeballs! The items above have been amazing for getting me through with my second daughter, Knox! I’ll quickly go over each item.

Snuza baby monitor….absolute necessity for a mothers peace of mind. You can read why here. This bathtub was AMAZING. I used it everyday and stuck her in the sink without bending over and breaking my back in the other baby bath we have, that only works in the tub. Very lightweight, easy to store out of the way, it was the bomb dot com. Dockatot…Knox slept at the end of our king size bed until she could start rolling, it was also wonderful on trips!

The glider gets a new paragraph. Knox had severe colic and HATED swings. One day I was at my sisters and she stuck her in her daughter’s glider and Knox stayed in it, AWAKE and HAPPY for about an hour! I got one at my house and she would nap for hours in it, and sleep all night in it. SO many people have said that their children would only sleep in a glider and hated swings. This is the glider I had, I’ve tried other versions and this one rocks!

The mittens and sleep sack were amazing. I chopped (well felt like I chopped) the tip of her finger when clipping her nails, and so I went through a terrified phase where I let those talons grow. These mittens stayed on and prevented any scratching! The sleep sack is the same brand and it. is. amazing! I hate gowns, they ride up and are miserable. But these are perfect because you can leave their feet buttoned in, or they can have an open bottomed gown. You can change them in 30 seconds and it’s so easy, and the material washes amazing and doesn’t pill up. I wanted every single color!

I always thought I would use my personal towels for my kids. But turns out, this towel was extremely useful and I use it for both my girls, every bath. I’m obsessed with bathing, and a clean baby smell, so I have tried SOOOOO many baby products. Noodle & Boo is BY FAR my favorite. Smells flipping delicious, and never has caused my oldest daughter, Crew, to have eczema flare ups! Love love love their products!

Nose sucker, the only way I got Knox’s nose CLEAN and she actually wouldn’t lose her mind. When I used bulb suctions, she would scream so loudly I thought perhaps I was getting brain matter or something?! This was a game changer! Another game changer….nail SCISSORS! Skip clipping, it’s too dangerous. I don’t know how their skin slips between the blades of clippers, when you’re being so careful….but IT DOES. Then you feel like you need to call social services on yourself and it’s just a big mess. Scissors are easy, efficient and I’ve never had an issue with skin cutting!

I love our car seat cover. Works amazing for breastfeeding as well. Useful, glad I have it! Lastly, Crew refused a bottle, always. I never tried these bottles with her, but they have been wonderful for Knox. She is only breastfed, except for when I work once every two weeks. Jake feeds her a bottle! They mimic a breast, the bottom is actually silicon and squishy, and we have loved them, and never tried anything else!

Well that’s all I have. Obviously there are going to be other products, or items that people deem a necessity, but for us, these were wonderful. And I’m sure I’m forgetting other things, I may have to update at a later time;)


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