There are a few things that I just love; I love having items of necessity in bulk, I love not having to leave the house for those items, and I love companies that have an amazing purpose! Who Gives a Crap provides all of these things! 50% of their profits go to those in need, to help build toilets. All of their products are made without dyes or trees, and are packaged downright adorably! Also…you know when you are at a facility and you grab a piece of toilet paper, your fingers are basically still touching…and you aren’t sure if using the toilet paper is even effective? Yeah…not this stuff…its durable, THREE ply, soft…and I love it!

The specific box I have is the 48 count which you can purchase here. Every roll is individually wrapped, and looks pretty darn cute on the shelves (I have some open shelving, so I really appreciate this fact). You can save ten dollars if you subscribe, and then just choose the frequency you’d like to receive them! Honestly…I love everything about Who Gives a Crap…even the little details like the humorous messages on each roll. Try it out you guys! And then tell me what you think!

THE BEST PART…..use code SODA for TEN dollars off a box!! GO GO GO!



Woodie Surf Car Candylab Airstream Trailer Areaware Blockitecture Garden City

I despise clutter. Even though my whole house is clutter. I also hate toys….well, most of them. They’re ugly, they somehow multiply rapidly, it’s so hard to keep your child’s room looking neat, and they just drive me crazy! So when I found Rose and Rex I was SO HAPPY!!!! They have THE most adorable toys I’ve ever seen. But not only are they cute, they help promote your child’s growth and development. Take the blocks you see above, I have sat on the floor with Crew and had to force myself not to make her leave the room so I could build my own design without her “opinions”. They really are that amazing, and there’s so many different ways to build with them. You get to use your imagination and have to set them up so they won’t topple over. I can see the wheel’s spinning in her head while she figures out how she’s going to stack them.

The car and airstream??? Like, are you kidding me?! Every time I see them I just can’t handle how FREAKING adorable they are! The surfboard magnetically attaches to the roof of the car and I don’t even want Crew playing with these. I want them in my living room, on my mantle. Hahaha, I’m joking…kind of. My mom came over to the house and when Crew showed her the new toys, my mom asked if she could have them for her house. Also semi joking. Note the details, like the tail lights and white wall tires…I just love them so much!

Now my plan is to get more and more toys from Rose and Rex, and then slowly dispose of all the other toys that are eye sores (I know I know, I’m awful). Then when her room is messy, it’ll just look like part of her decor and won’t even be bothersome to me:) I hope you guys go look through their website, because you will see the coolest, cutest toys EVER!



Grey Distressed Raw Cut Maternity Skinny Jeans Black Crochet Sleeve Maternity Top 

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on the blog, but here’s a quick one for you guys now that I’m no longer preggies! My jeans and shirt are from Pink Blush Maternity, and arrived before I delivered…but I still can wear them post baby! Sooooo comfortable! The sunnies I link aren’t the same as the ones I’m wearing, but they are on sale down from $300, to $60!

Now about our luggage! They are Samsonite, and you can’t purchase Crew’s set right now…but mine is available. It is SO light, rolls in all directions and I LOVE it!! It also comes with a built in lock on the zipper which is really convenient. Mine is the carry on size.

The airport in our town is super tiny, and I wasn’t sure if they would let us take a picture with the planes….so we drove out to check. Turns out, there was one lonely little plane on the tarmac and they were TOTALLY cool with us snapping some pics with it! However, it was CRAZY windy and Crew was having a meltdown, so it was a very quick photo shoot. But I was excited to get to see a plane up close, and one that matched me;)

Well, I said this was going to be quick! Thanks for peeking!


A few people asked me to do a gift guide for what I would get Jake. However, he does all the shopping and is very specific about what he does or doesn’t like….so I asked him to make it! And here it is….

  1. Dress Shoes-You can buy all the nicest dress clothes in the world…but it’s the shoes that catch people’s eye! This black Gordon Rush pair are $90 down from $245, and also come in peanut. A cheaper option are these Black Ben Herman which are $60, as well as these which are a nice peanut pair for $60.

  2. Express dress pants– Express has the most modern fit for the best price. Get extra slim or slim. I wear the extra slim. Make sure you get a pair with a wool blend. They cost more but are worth it. The cotton pairs that are 69.99 regularly, wrinkle way too easy! Also, there will be a black Friday Sale. You can always find a sale.

  3. Sunglasses– These are a clean looking pair of Ray Ban’s with a flash frame. Sunglasses are always a good gift. And Ray Ban’s are good quality.

  4. Audio-Technica Headphones – I researched several brands of headphones and these were constantly in the top of most lists. I own a pair and love them. The sound is fantastic!

  5. Banana Republic has the best fitting dress shirts and are also well made for the price. They always go on sale so don’t pay full price. I wear a medium in the grant style.

  6. Adidas Boost– Adidas are the hot casual shoe right now. Anything with the boost sole will be the shoe to get, and they are VERY comfortable! These are pricier, but if you’re looking to splurge a little..

  7. Candles– I use these man candles in my office and I always get compliments. They smell manly and awesome. There is no reason a man can’t smell good! My wife loves them too and we burn this one at home currently.

  8. Guns- If you are looking for a big ticket item to buy your man….you cant go wrong with a new gun. I think this year the two perfect guns for everyday carry are the Glock 43 or the Smith and Wesson shield 2.0. If either of those show up under the tree, he won’t be disappointed. I really like the slim line walther PPS. Also the Shield and Walther PPS are cheaper than the Glock.

  9. Watch– As you know, every man needs a watch. MVMT watches are watches that I see all the time and think, “I need to buy one of those.” I do not own one but they always catch my eye.

  10. Coffee– I love coffee. I don’t think you can go wrong with coffee and coffee gear such as mugs. This one is $12!

  11. Knives– All men love knives. We just DO! These are everyday carry knives that can be worn around the neck or stored in the pocket. They are small but so so cool! And this one is only $12 right now!

  12. Edit add in: These J Crew jeans are Jakes favorite fit. Shop any from this style for a slim, crisp look! Today, the entire site is 40% off(11/22/2017). So these will be $75 after discount!

484 Slim-fit jean in Collins wash



I forgot to post our Halloween costumes! I knew I wanted Crew to be Lucy because of her crazy, dramatic personality….and her strawberry hair. Obviously she is no red head….but it still worked! My Nephew Kierce got voluntold that he was going to be Ricky…which he was absolutely excited about! And then there was mine and Jake’s costumes. I didn’t really want to be Fred and Ethel….because that’s just not as fun. Nor did I want to do something totally out of theme with Crew! So we finally decided to be the big versions of Ricky and Lucy, and Crew and Kierce would be the pint size versions. Although Jake looks more like Fred…or a 40’s mobster, heh heh heh!

I decided to make both our costumes, thinking it would be pretty simple. It wasn’t. It wasn’t hard per say….but it was more stressful than I wanted. They ran out of her material, so I had to get a different fabric for my dress. Then there wasn’t enough of the apron material and I had to run back to Hobby Lobby late one night and buy more…but they were out, of course. So little things like that kept happening and I was getting frustrated that our costumes were going to look like poo. If you look closely….you’ll definitely see it wasn’t done by a professional. But overall, I was pretty pleased with the outcome!

I put her hair in rollers, and it came out perfect for Lucy hair. I had to do mine how they did it back then, and it was a lot more work. But I absolutely love dressing up, and I was having a total ball getting ready! We all met at my house, and then were out the door to a few trunk or treats. Froze our BUTTS off, and then we were done! It was a quick night, Crew got some candy, I got to dress the family up….successful Halloween!

Also….how FLIPPING adorable are my twin niece and nephew as King Gristle and Lady Glitter Sparkles?!? Probably my favorite costumes everrrrr!