Woodie Surf Car Candylab Airstream Trailer Areaware Blockitecture Garden City

I despise clutter. Even though my whole house is clutter. I also hate toys….well, most of them. They’re ugly, they somehow multiply rapidly, it’s so hard to keep your child’s room looking neat, and they just drive me crazy! So when I found Rose and Rex I was SO HAPPY!!!! They have THE most adorable toys I’ve ever seen. But not only are they cute, they help promote your child’s growth and development. Take the blocks you see above, I have sat on the floor with Crew and had to force myself not to make her leave the room so I could build my own design without her “opinions”. They really are that amazing, and there’s so many different ways to build with them. You get to use your imagination and have to set them up so they won’t topple over. I can see the wheel’s spinning in her head while she figures out how she’s going to stack them.

The car and airstream??? Like, are you kidding me?! Every time I see them I just can’t handle how FREAKING adorable they are! The surfboard magnetically attaches to the roof of the car and I don’t even want Crew playing with these. I want them in my living room, on my mantle. Hahaha, I’m joking…kind of. My mom came over to the house and when Crew showed her the new toys, my mom asked if she could have them for her house. Also semi joking. Note the details, like the tail lights and white wall tires…I just love them so much!

Now my plan is to get more and more toys from Rose and Rex, and then slowly dispose of all the other toys that are eye sores (I know I know, I’m awful). Then when her room is messy, it’ll just look like part of her decor and won’t even be bothersome to me:) I hope you guys go look through their website, because you will see the coolest, cutest toys EVER!


You know when you’re running errands and have a list of everything you need, but it’s at 3 or 4 different stores? That frustrating, super aggravating feeling takes over and you never want to have to leave your house again? Welllllllll guess what?! Jane.com has helped alleviate some of that stress! They not only have clothes, but a whole array of items you can purchase, without leaving your home! For instance, I have been searching for wire lights to string around my room for a long time, and only ever see them at high prices for a short length of wire. Boom. I have my lights, they were 10 bucks, and they are sooooo long! I’ve also been needing a knife set really badly and found this adorable stainless steel set! The matching aprons?? Was it even an option to bypass them with my extreme need to match Crew? False, it was not an option. They go great with the potholders and knife set as well!

Gardening. Something I have wanted to do, but have yet to start. I don’t have a single gardening tool, and I don’t get out to the greenhouses very often to even buy tools I can use for planting. What do you know….Jane.com has me hooked up! Knee padsgloves with claws on them, super cheap, super handy! The thing is, you have to act fast. There was an ADORABLE lamp that I was thinking about getting and waited too long, and the deal passed, and it’s gone in the wind! You can only get these super amazing prices for the amount of time the deal lasts, which is usually around 3 days. Don’t dilly dally is my point, get it, or regret it:/


Lastly, the super cool gun blueprint I got for Jake….was a total winner! We love different pieces for our walls, and Jake loves his guns…it was a no brainer! And it goes perfect in his little corner with our record player. Jane.com is a boutique that has everything. You go look, you won’t leave empty handed (or carted)…soooo…..GO LOOK!




For Crew’s second birthday party, I decided to decorate away again this year. I needed a word that went with two, that also would work with a Hawaiian/island theme. So, ‘Two in Tahiti’ it was! Jake didn’t think it made sense….but I felt like made perfect sense! We brought Tahiti to her! All of the girls understood the theme, and none of the guys did. Who understands the gender brain differences.

I wanted to do a balloon arch and I was pretty nervous it was going to be super hard because of what I read online. It wasn’t bad at all though! That was my main concern, because I was able to decorate everything else with stuff I had around the house. I’ll quickly explain how I built the arch.

I blew up all the balloons on Monday, using a little plastic balloon pump. My hand got a little tired from pumping and tying balloons, but it only took about an hour. Then I moved them all to the living room to live for a week. I needed to do daily baby steps so I wasn’t completely overwhelmed. On Tuesday I used a low temperature glue gun to glue two or three together at random sizes. Make sure it’s a low temp one…or your balloons will go boom! A few popped while we were all in the living room and Jake hated it! It was making me and Crew giggle…but Jake hates that noise….I’m thinking it’s a fear that stems from childhood. hahaha

Wednesday, I got some chicken wire from my father in law, just the length to go from the ceiling down to the floor in an arch shape. I put two command strips, with hooks, on the wall, and then hooked the wire on them. That’s it. It held perfect! I used packing tape and put it on the lip of the balloon, and then wrapped the rest of the tape into the wire and around it. I did that the whole way down with most of the balloons. Afterwards, I filled in any gaps with smaller balloons that I hot glued in. I had several balloons left over, so I threaded them all together. I attached the bundle to the arch, and to the wall so it appeared that the arch just continued on.

My mom has a garden that’s at the end of it’s life, and I cut a whole bunch of flowers and greenery to put in the arch. I even used branches from a tree. My sister let me borrow a tool she has that completely hollows out pineapples. It cores them, slices them, and takes about one minute! So I had fresh fruit to serve, and vases for my mom’s flowers as well!

The cake, cupcakes and macaroons were made by the same lady who made Crew’s cake last year! She does an amazing job, and didn’t disappoint this year! I broke the flamingo cake topper and so she’s a little shorter than the rest of her flamingo friends. But if you’re in this area and need a cake, look up Dorie Anderson!

I forgot to buy candles, so if you look closely….you’ll notice that it was two toothpicks we lit for her to blow out. Haha, improvising at its best!

I’m pretty sure every kid turns into a royal brat during birthday parties in their honor. Something about getting all the attention just brings out the turd in them! However, it was a success and Crew had a blast….I did too honestly. I think I kind of enjoy decorating, as long as I give myself adequate time to plan and prep!



||Area Rug | Plant Basket | Bench | Wall Hook | Mirror Board | Moose Head ||

When tackling our entry way remodel, doing it cheap was definitely top priority for us. Cheap in price, but not in quality. When you’re remodeling and furnishing an entire house, you become good at finding and snagging things that are super on sale. Everything I linked above is a lot pricier than when I bought it. I usually find something I like, and keep my eye on it until there’s an extra percentage off, or the price drops ways low. The final product is so much more satisfying when you deal shop, I don’t know why that is…but for me it releases major happy feelings.

We painted basically the whole house white aside from Crew’s room and the master bedroom. I love bright walls, and then I add color with my decorating and furniture. The front door was brown on the inside, and we recently painted it white which TOTALLY brightened this little area! I’ve had a few people tell me that white is a cool color, cool as far as temperature goes, and that it isn’t very inviting. I can see that aspect, but that is why you have to warm up the space with your style and decor!

This bench was at Target and has several different colors of wood infused in it, which I wanted so I wouldn’t be stuck to just one shade of wood to decorate the entry way. It’s been awesome! Sturdy, shows no sign of wear and tear. We love it. I also had a gift card I was able to use, and so I spent maybe twenty dollars on it! Woot woot!

I wanted a rug that was bright and inviting, but wouldn’t show all the traffic that’s bound to be in an entry way and this rug is perfect. It could be really filthy right now, and I just wouldn’t have the slightest idea, because it shows nothing! I am able to vacuum it easily…which I do weekly, so it really isn’t dirty, but my it COULD be. So go with a dark rug, or a very patterned rug to hide any dirt that gets tracked in. A cream rug, would look disgusting pretty quickly. With a rug pad underneath, it doesn’t budge at all, which I was worried about with Crewbie running around.

I’ve been searching for a basket for my plants, and online they are so pricey! Then while perusing Hobby Lobby, (as I often do because I’m a gluten for everything in that store) I saw the basket above and it was only seventeen dollars! I have several baskets around my house that are from Hobby Lobby, they look great, and don’t cost 50+ bucks! My plant is in excellent health, a couple of the bottom leafs are pretty trashed looking, and I should’ve dead-headed before taking pics. Sighhh, too late now!

The mirror was our little project. By our, I mean I told Jake my idea, and he did all the work. He’s really good at being a handy man and I luh-ve it. So the mirror was left behind in the house when we bought it, and was in a super decorative black frame. We took it out of the frame and Jake attached it a wood pine board I bought at Lowe’s for thirty seven dollars. Sooooo easy, and I love how it looks! Brings out the light wood hues in the bench as well.

One thing I have learned in my never ending quest to keep my house clean, is to have a place to hang your bag/purse, coat, and your keys. Those are just a few more small items to clutter up your table or counter tops. The moose was random and weird and Jake and I both loved it for hanging our keys. Crew can’t get to them, and hide them in our shoes or the trash, and I never have to go searching for where I last set them down. It’s easy peasy. The wall hook is from Urban Outfitters and I only use it for my diaper bag and our jean jackets. Everything else gets put away when we walk in, we don’t want it to turn into a junk spot to pile our stuff. I try really hard to keep our house picked up daily. I attempt to deep clean it once a week, but that doesn’t always happen…but when I do dive into that task, it’s a whole lot easier because everything is already usually put away. Besides whatever Crew can get her paws on and drag into the main areas of the house. Kids are SO messy!

Well, that’s about it, thanks for reading!



Not the best before pictures, I lost all my old ones. These are from the website when we bought the house.


||Rug | Similar Gold Shelf | Similar Canisters | Round natural tray on top open shelf | Copper nesting bowls($16) | Spoon holder next to stove | Soap Dispenser | Calendar | Similar Wood Cutting Boards | Bar stools are from Ikea several years ago ||

Yay! We have finally completed all the finishing touches on our kitchen! When we bought our house the kitchen was outdated, which is expected in a house built in 1948. There was laminate wood floor on top of another form of laminate flooring, on TOP of sub-flooring which was ALL on top of the wood floors you see above! I absolutely adore our kitchen floor! We stained it with a light grayish stain and it gave the wood a milky hue that I can’t get enough of! They certainly aren’t perfect…there are lots of nicks created from pulling up all the other flooring,  but we just filled it all in with wood putty. You can see where we filled in all the spots, but I think the imperfections add to the cottage appeal and look I have been going for! This rug is from RugsUSA and I am SO happy with it! Very soft and plush, and the colors are perfect! I don’t have a rug pad underneath it, and it doesn’t slide all over the place. Great price too!

The cabinets and pulls are original. We repainted the entire kitchen, including the cupboards, white, and added thick baseboards. I love love love white walls, it totally brightens up any space! Jake built our counter tops himself. He bought a few bundles of tongue and groove wood boards, that are used for flooring, and pieced them together with wood glue. Once they dried and were super sturdy, he cut them down into the shape we needed, put them on and then stained them black. I love the look, but black counter tops are HARD to keep looking clean.

The concrete farm sink is probably my favorite feature. My brother in law, Mike, built it for us! He used his own mold and created this HEAVY duty masterpiece. If we move, I feel like I might try to take it with us(even though I know it’s not a possibility) because it will be so painful to part with. It never looks dirty either! #win Mike and Jake did our subway tile back splash as well. I’m all about white, as you know, and I’ve never had a problem keeping it clean.

A friend of ours let me go through his grandparents house and pick out anything I wanted as they are getting rid of everything. I got the silver canisters and gold metal shelf. I snatched up a few things that are original from the 60’s. The metal shelf is actually a book shelf, but I just piled plants on it instead for some greenery. If you type in, ‘mid century gold metal stand’ on google, and click on the shopping tab….you’ll find several very similar racks on Etsy, but not in bulk stock. I don’t actually store flour, sugar or spices in my canisters, since they aren’t airtight, I use a set of old Tupperware ones I snagged at a garage sale. I put candy, bags of chocolate chips, and things I’m not worried about, in the ones on my counter.

For my open shelves, we just painted two boards from Lowe’s Home Improvement, and put them up. I found my copper pieces at a garage sale(of course) but they are a cool set that are from Turkey. The books are random books we got at Goodwill that in no way pertain to anything kitchen, or cooking related. Heh heh, just for show. Other pieces are from Hobby Lobby and Home Goods. I am ADDICTED to Hobby Lobby…they have everrrything and such great weekly sales! Jake just grins every time I say I’m going to run over there really quickly…because you can’t just run in and out unless you’re wearing blinders.

Where the bar is at, used to be a washer and dryer. We moved those into a closet at the end of the hall, and Jake built that little space for me. It is my spot. I am always sitting on my stool, with my feet resting on the other stool. I pull Crew’s highchair up to it and that’s where her and I do all of our eating. My kitchen is absolutely my happy place. I love it. It’s bright and cozy, and when I step into it, endorphins get released! I’m not being dramatic…I really do love being in this room!

I am so thankful for my amazing brother in laws! Fred and Mike can basically do everything plumbing, electrical, construction related and Jake and them got after it! Sanding, working, painting, moving outlets. I mean, they were just absolute blessings, especially when you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend an insane amount of money paying people to do it. I am forever grateful.