Christ Centered Easter Basket for A Toddler Girl

When I had kids, my eyes were really opened to how “bunny” themed everything for Easter, was. Which is CRAZY! It’s supposed to be celebrating the day Jesus rose again, after dying on the cross for OUR sins. I’m still all about baskets full of goodies, and kids having something to open on Easter. I just want to make it Christ centered. I worked on this Christ Centered Easter Gift guide if you’re wanting some ideas other than the norm!

If you celebrate Easter with a rabbit, no worries, I am NOT trashing people who do. At all. It’s just something important to us, in our household! So let’s go through the list!

1.Picnic Set – Jesus was about the food. He was always fellowshipping and eating, so you can tell a story about the last supper, or Jesus feeding the masses. Anything. It’s just such a cute set, and so fun to play with!

2. Christian puzzle – Puzzles are fun, this one has different biblical puzzles on each side.

3. Sandals – Jesus wore sandals;) Just kidding, we want our girls to look nice, right??

4. Fruity Candies

5. Story Keeper DVD – If you haven’t watched Story Keepers…it is SUCH a good show about Christian’s during the Roman empire period. So good!

6. Swim Suit

7. Bucket – I love being able to reuse things, and you can re-purpose this bucket after using as a fun basket for all the goodies!

8. Dress – This dress is only $10 and I love it!

9. Veggietales Slushie Maker – Ehhhh….It’s Veggie Tales??

10. Tie Dye Shirt Kit – They had to die their fabrics in Biblical times….soooo, I’m just really reach here.

11. Jelly Sandals

12. Pink Rain Boots – These rain boots come in so many colors, are crocs and look soo comfy. But I think they’re still cute, I love that they’re more matte colored!

13. Planting Kit – This can be applicable to several bible stories. The main one I think of is planting your seed on the correct foundation for growth that lasts!

14. First Bible Stories – I like the stories and pictures in this little Bible.

15. Bubble Maker – My daughter loves this toy! Take about joy bubbling over when you have Jesus in your heart!

16. Water Wow Coloring Book – Have you ever used one of the coloring books?? So fun! You fill the little paint pen up with water, and start coloring the pages! Pictures appear and when you’re done….it dries and the picture disappears. So you can use it repeatedly! Love them!

17. Year long devotional – Fun Christian devotional for kids.

18. Stained Glass Kit – Now our church doesn’t have stained glass, but I thought it would be a fun craft for kiddos!

19. Chocolate Candy

20. Resurrection Egg Hunt – Send the kids on an egg hunt, and each egg has a piece of the resurrection story in it!

So that’s it! I have the same list for a boy, but with some different clothing options;)


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