Decorating Crew’s Room with Toys.


Woodie Surf Car Candylab Airstream Trailer Areaware Blockitecture Garden City

I despise clutter. Even though my whole house is clutter. I also hate toys….well, most of them. They’re ugly, they somehow multiply rapidly, it’s so hard to keep your child’s room looking neat, and they just drive me crazy! So cute toys (that Crew actually likes) are such a bonus for me!

The car and airstream??? Like, are you kidding me?! Every time I see them I just can’t handle how FREAKING adorable they are! The surfboard magnetically attaches to the roof of the car and I don’t even want Crew playing with these. I want them in my living room, on my mantle. Hahaha, I’m joking…kind of. My mom came over to the house and when Crew showed her the new toys, my mom asked if she could have them for her house. Also semi joking. Note the details, like the tail lights and white wall tires…I just love them so much!

Now my plan is to get more and more toys like this, and then slowly dispose of all the other toys that are eye sores (I know I know, I’m awful). Then when her room is messy, it’ll just look like part of her decor and won’t even be bothersome to me:) I hope I inspired you with some cute toys for your kiddos….or yourself;)


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