Double Wedding

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I spy a diet mountain dew! 🙂 Our ‘Mrs’ got fixed, but we never got a picture with it looking correctly spaced. Makes me crazy, I just want to reach in this pic and straighten it out!


We put all our drinks in this canoe filled with ice. Loved how it looked!

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Megan(best friend) Carrie(sister) Katelyn(bride) Me(other bride) Rachel(sister) Preslyn(Niece) Jackie(cousin/best friend) Pierlyn(niece)

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Our first look: I was SO nervous!

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I still wear these shoes! They are so comfortable(considering that they are heels, and all heels take a toll after awhile)

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                                                        My shoes are vince Camuto(sold out, possibly back in stock eventually here)//Bridesmaid dresses are M.S.S.P, spliced lace dress (no longer sold)//BMShoes: Steve Madden Capprice (also no longer sold)

Mens suits: Express.

       On May 4, 2014, I got to do something pretty rare, that will forever be one of the best experiences in my life. I got to get married on the same day as my sister, Katelyn. So. Much. Fun. Kate and I were both dating our beaus at the same time and we knew marriage was in the foreseeable future, well my mom suggested a double wedding. Being that our bridesmaids were going to be the exact same, and they would have to fly down, twice, so close together…it just made sense. It was also a once in a lifetime chance to share such a special day with my sister/best friend! Jake and Mike were totally excited about it too, by excited…I mean that they basically did not care. They just wanted to get married. 🙂 So I hate hate hate wedding dresses. When the search started, I was very quickly overwhelmed and frustrated because every single dress was so uncomfortable and we wanted modest dresses, which are super hard to find. The dresses were stiff, bulky, and frankly, I hated all of them! My mom looked on ebay, and found an evening gown that was see through on top but pretty cool looking. So we bought it, and I decided I was going to make it work no matter what, because I could not fathom trying on another dress. Luckily we found a seamstress who could fix the see through part. And I loved it! Suchhhh a relief! Now the bridesmaid dresses…we hated most of them as well. You pay so much for a dress you wear once, that really isn’t even that cute. We found these dresses at Dillards. Kate and I love simple, classic styles. So finding these dresses was wonderful as we were all burnt out on trying on anything else. I particularly love the pint sized one we had made for Pierlyn, my niece. She was not a flower girl, she was actually one of the bridesmaids. The suits were pretty easy, we wanted fitted, and not tuxedos. All the guys still wear theirs to church. So it worked out great! Our photographer, Tonya Dixon, did a post wedding shoot with just the brides and grooms, and I love love those pictures. I will post them at a later time.


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