Exhaustion, Low Libido, Even Back Pain…You May Need Hormone Pellet Therapy.

If you are in the Clovis/Portales area and are interested in hormone pellet therapy, call Cristy Walsh, CNM at Women’s Medical Center. If you have never had a pellet at WMC before, use code Emily for $30 off your first pellet. And if you aren’t sure about pellet therapy, go get your labs drawn! Insurance covers it, and they have an EXCELLENT self pay program. YOU WON’T REGRET IT! It is TIME TO FEEL BETTER!

Hormone pellet therapy. Something I was completely oblivious about the beginning of last year. Now…something I am passionate about. I started HPT August of last year and it has been LIFE CHANGING.

HPT is a testosterone and/or estrodial pellet that is created with bio-identical DNA from a plant. It gets inserted into your buttock/hip area in a VERY painLESS procedure that takes 3 minutes or less from start to finish. (I get light headed, nauseas and need to pass out with procedures and pokes…and I literally have no fear when getting the pellet now. The only thing you feel is a poke for the lidocaine shot, and the rest is zeroooo pain.)

Why A Testosterone Pellet and not other methods?

“Pellet therapy differs from pills and creams in that it allows for consistent dosing throughout the day. Other administrations of hormones can create a rollercoaster effect for the user as the pills and creams do not release consistent amounts of the hormone throughout the day.”

If the pellet therapy is maybe a bit too pricey for you, there are other options that have safe and stable delivery methods. Cristy Walsh, CNM works with you to find a solution, and you can do testosterone lozenges which are a cheaper route. Her goal is to get you feeling better overall!

Why I think Everyone needs HPT

If you read my last post about hormone pellet therapy (you can here) then you know my main reason was insanely low libido. I don’t talk much about that aspect of my life on the blog, because it is pretty personal. BUT I truly believe it is marriage changing, and I really feel that I have to address it…just so the women out there who are experiencing what I experienced…know that there is an AMAZING cure for the problem.

I talk to so many women who dread having sex with their spouse…I hear it deemed a “chore” more often than not, honestly. But I never understood that because I’m pretty sure my testosterone has always been particularlty high…so much so that my mom and sisters joke that I’m the boy of the family. But after having Knox, I was finally able to experience what I heard sooooo many women talk about. Which is so heartbreaking because God intended sex to be a wonderful thing between man and wife!

I was DEAD tired every day…as if I had been dosed with an insanely exhaustive drug that made me feel like I had to fight a foggy blanket off of me. My back KILLED me, I mean, severe pain where I just wanted to burst out in tears sometimes because it hurt so bad. Carrying around a 26lb baby all the time did not help that at all. And then, my sex drive was completely gone. I adore Jake, like full blown infatuated with him…but come night time…I didn’t even want to make eye contact for fear that he would try to initiate anything. I never wanted to see “Little Jake” again to be honest. And THAT is when I knew it was time to get HPT. And I set up an appointment.

You can not get hormone pellet therapy while pregnant, BUT it is perfectly safe while nursing! I’ve been breastfeeding Knox this entire time and there are no adverse effects. I haven’t had ONE negative side effect and have never heard of any negative side effects from anyone I know who has had it done. Except one of my friends said she gained 7 pounds, but you can gain water weight in the beginning, and that does fall off. But honestly, I only ever hear amazing results from it.

I think what happens is that women’s testosterone will drop, and their libido is directly linked to that. Men don’t understand that this is completely hormone related and get frustrated, hurt, upset that their wife is uninterested in sex, and problems arise. You begin to resent each other, and neither partner understands why the other is acting the way they are and it spirals. It seems so simple that these very REAL feelings are, in big part, a result of wacky hormones. I am super open with Jake about everrrryyyything, and I told him how I was feeling and that I was GETTING the pellet so I could feel like old Emily again. He didn’t fight me too hard;) And I’m here on the other side to tell you…my old self is BACK!

My libido is my old libby for sure, but not only that…the insane back pain is gone. I have a bad back naturally, and so it still hurts and is sore, but the severe pain is not there anymore! I’m also not fighting off a fog every day, I despise mornings and can easily sleep until noon if I were allowed…but the feeling as if I had taken benadryl the night before…not there anymore. The pellet honestly changed my life. I tell EVERRYYYONE about it.

Can Men Get HPT?

YES. This therapy is just as beneficial for men. And for all the guys who are gym rats, you would looove the muscle results! I’ve been faithfully going to the gym 4-5 times a week, and I told Jake I feel like I can feel muscle building right there while lifting weights. It’s crazy. Men NEED to look into getting their labs drawn to just see if they would benefit from pellet therapy. If men suffer from andropause, depression, anxiety, low sex drive, osteoporosis, heart disease…go make an appointment. Go go gooooo!

In conclusion, my main reason for starting pellet therapy was the low libido. Not enjoyable by any means. But the other positive effects are wonderful as well. I’ve never been able to consistently stick with going to the gym, and now I don’t struggle with going several times a week. I have to wonder if the pellet didn’t help me flip a switch in my head? I honestly don’t know, but what I do know is the benefits since starting HPT have been incredible. And I encourage you to look into it. Again, if you aren’t sure you want to start pellet therapy, go get your labs drawn. Just to see how your hormone levels are so you can know what you need to change!


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