Extra Security for Our Home

A couple years ago, my sister Rachel and her husband got home from church on a Sunday evening. Inside their home were two men, robbing them, with guns, and someone was shot (thankfully one of them.) Since then, I have wanted to increase security around my home. But I didn’t want a security system so to speak…I wanted cameras to set up around the house. And I found these KODA LightCam cameras, that far surpassed my expectations!

We got one for the front porch, and the back porch. We took down lights we had up, and used that wiring. If you don’t want to hard wire them, you can plug them in! It was very easy to put them up, and they have a video that walks you through every step!

Let me break down these cameras for you, and why I really love them. They connect to an app on your phone, so you can see everything live, wherever you’re at. If there is any motion, you can an alert on your phone, and you can click it open to see what caused it.

You’re able to set the motion range from short to longer so you aren’t getting alerts from cars driving in the street in front of your home. Whenever there’s movement, the motion light comes on. You can set how long you want the light to stay on when activated and how bright the light is. And the cameras have special technology (UltraSense) that helps detect human movement, and minimizes smaller movements so you aren’t getting alerts for squirrels tinkering about in your front yard.

There’s also really cool features, like two way voice capabilities. I was in the bedroom one night, and Jake was on the front porch, and we were chatting away through the app on my phone, and him through the camera. If you want to set off a siren alarm, you just tap the button, and it blinks red and emits a loud siren sound! Pretty neat.

If you’re interested in purchasing these amazing cameras, they are only available online at Costco. But you do not have to be a member to buy them! I feel so much more at ease since we put these up, and I know you will you too!


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