Fun at the Fair


Crew’s vest is found on Etsy here and I LOVE it! Her headwrap is Painted Key, sold out, different designs here.



This was at the Fair in Clovis. And Crew finally got her headwrap down. Somehow it always comes off with dad;)


This is at the Portales fair, a town about 25 minutes away from Clovis.





I could literally eat her up! That little look back?!?




Escaped toe

DSC_0116  DSC_0142

Fried twinkies with dad! And can we talk about these twinkies?! Exact same expression! Also notice that her headwrap has turned into a scarf…while she’s with dad. Coincidence? I think not!


So bored, mom!


If you look closely, you can see white blonde strips of hair growing into her ginger color!


My shirt is Banana Republic: sold out, similar style here, but different stripe color// Shorts: STS BLUE on sale for $11// Jakes shirt: J Crew and I love how it wears.

Crew’s yellow headwrap: Hello Miss Gorgeous // her kimono is Haberdash Soul Co: sold out, similar here//pants: zara and no longer made// sandals: old navy, no longer sold either.

I absolutely love fairs. Not so much the rides, the prices or even sometimes the food. I just love going out, seeing all the vendors. Kids running around forcing their parents to spend an uber amount of money on games they will not be able to win. And can we talk…when you DO figure out a way to get lucky and beat the very rigged system and end up winning one of those prizes…what on earth are you going to do with a human sized animal or toy?? They’re filthy and ugly to boot! No thank you. Yet I still go every year and walk the entire fair and beg Jake to take me, as he HATES fairs. But he always has fun and is such a good sport! Crew was fascinated with all the bright colors and seeing all the people. She gets serious when we get in big crowds though, we call it her ‘game face’. Like she’s taking it all in and is on high alert. Eventually she warms up and will start grinning and talking. She absolutely loved Jake’s fried twinkie! I did too, I’m not a huge fan of twinkies, but a deep fried one…is incredible! It started pouring rain, and LUCKILY we had just got under the large awning right as before the monsoon hit, and even more luckily…I had just received my plate of food. I had a nice cold soda, my delicious BBQ sandwhich, and I stuffed my face and finished up right as the rain was subsiding. I could see deep in Jake’s soul that the rain made him love the fair even more. Especially since he was the one who had to walk through the ankle deep lake that the fair grounds turned into, to get the truck pulled up for us. But he hid it well. Crew was fascinated by the rain, and once it stopped we took off for the truck. I felt like a kid hopping from one small island of dry ground to another. In mine and Crew’s eyes, the fair was a success, in Jake’s eyes…I’m not so sure…but from his mouth, he said he thought it was. So until next years fair!



  1. Jay Day
    September 16, 2016 / 5:05 am

    DYING LAUGHING. You are hilarious!! I love your writing!!!

    • Sodasippinsister
      September 30, 2016 / 12:11 am

      Thank you, I think I get it from my soul twin…and I am LOVING the name!

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