Fun Toys that Aren’t an Eyesore

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I love when my kids play with their toys…but they have a tendancy to pull every toy out and then leave it there (I’m sure I’m TOTES alone in this, right??) So I’m constantly looking at toys alllll over my house. I have found that I hold much more disdain for the ugly ones. The bright plastics, with a million different little pieces. I want to burn those toys immediately. However…I don’t feel near as much toy-rage when I’m looking at all the cool wooden toys you see above. It’s weird, probably first world-ish…but it’s true. I jump right in with Crew and play too, to be honest. There’s just something about toys that are fun, and aesthetically pleasing! Most of the list is the brand Melissa & Doug…they figured out toys! I love everything they make, and they have such wonderful customer service!! Hope you feel the same way I do! Have a great week, and happy toy hunting!


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