Throw A Groovy, Hippie Birthday Party for Your Littles!

These highchairs are so dang adorable and lightweight! Linked below!


My sister Katelyn threw a really fun hippie-themed birthday party for her twins, Grey and Navykate, last year. I had a newborn and VERY colicky Knox…and so the pictures I was able to get are not amazing quality! I didn’t get an up close shot of the cake, the lighting wasn’t great, and I just didn’t do the party justice. I could NOT find a link for the adorable fringe vest Grey is wearing, which is so frustrating because you’d think it would be easy to find! But I created a guide for everything you’ll need to get a great start on making a groovy birthday party for your little one. The jeans I linked are just so dang adorable. And most everything is Amazon Prime…so you can get it here quick. Especially if you’re like me and plan things VERY last minute!

// one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten // eleven // twelve //

Kate looking adorable with Grey and Navykate! Click here for Kate’s IG and here for the Twin’s IG.

For their cakes, Kate made a flower and round rice Krispy treat. Well, actually fruity pebble treats…but they weren’t as good as rice Krispies. So if you do it, I would go with good ol Rice Krispy brand. They were sooo cute though!

We had fun dressing up for the party. Jake went all out and I friggin loved it!

My sister and her hubby in authentic 70’s outfits!
This is actually my mom’s wedding dress!!
Crew’s outfit, compliments of Old Navy.
The twins and their dad:)
Mike made the van cutout….it was so fun to take pics there!
Just throw decorations up on the wall!
My sister Carrie with the babes!

Ugh, how cute were they?! I could’ve eaten them up!! I hope this inspires you if you’re planning a hippie party!


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