Hormone Replacement Therapy….Why I believe ALL Women Would Benefit

The pictures below don’t particularly pertain to Hormone Replacement therapy (my post topic) besides the fact that I had just had a pellet inserted the day before they were taken. But I’m using them because I love them, and hormone replacement therapy makes me a better mom, which makes pictures like these a tad more believable;) If you are in the Clovis/Portales area, Cristy Walsh, CNM at Women’s Medical Center is who I go to, and she is amazing. You can also buy all your supplements right there at your visit, and you will get a discount! Also, photographs below were done by the amazing Cristy Cross at Cristy Cross Photography. You can look through her work on her InstagramFacebook Page, or/and her Website.



Okay! For those curious what HRT is, let me break it down for you. Bio identical hormone pellet therapy is something I believe everyone would benefit from, male or female. “Pellets are tiny, custom-compounded therapies for symptoms that stem from hormonal imbalances. This therapy keeps hormone levels consistent through the day and avoids rollercoaster-like effects from orally administered or topically administered hormones. The pellets BioTE uses contains bio-identical hormones, derived from natural sources. The pellets contain hormones identical to the ones found in the human body. Studies have shown that bio-identical hormones have fewer side effects than synthetic hormones.” (Taken from BioTE’s website). The pellets mainly contain testoserone and/or estrogen. For more in depth info…you can find it here.

I looked into HRT after my sister and sister in law had done it and had amazing results. Basically, everyday felt like I had been drugged….I was so exhausted. You know right after a deep tissue massage, your eyes almost feel crossed?….That’s how I felt most of the time. I struggled to get things done around the house, had to force myself to do laundry, clean, etc. And alsooooo libido. Wow. Let’s turn to a new paragraph for this one.

I have never felt like this before, like…when you hear the shower turn off and your significant other is about to come to bed and you jolt into action. Slam that phone down so hard, hope the lit screen shining through the underside of your phone will go black before the door opens, and stop breathing completely while you pretend to be asleep? Then realize when they do come in the room, that not breathing, was a mistake, and now you have to SLOWLY try to exhale, so that you can inhale, while remaining motionless. Because you are just SO dang exhausted and don’t want them to even look at you and possibly take your open eyes as an invitation? GOSH I never talk about stuff like this on here, but I feel like it is so important, and a necessity for marriage!

So, that was where I was at….and I hated feeling that way, I have never experienced it before, EVER. It’s awful! I was very open with Jake about everything, because I’m an open book about all aspects of life, with him, and it SO isn’t who I am. Also, when you breastfeed…the hormones circulating your body, naturally combat libido. But with Crew, I had never experienced this! I decided I was going to try HRT as soon as possible, and I set up my appointment.

The first thing you do is get blood work done, and go over a list of symptoms you’re experiencing. Hair loss, decreased energy, dry skin, low libido, mood swings (check that one fo sho)….and many others. Once you get your labs back, you review the results. Testosterone is the main one, but that’s not all they look at. My thyroid levels were low, vitamin D level wasn’t adequate, and other things were off. The goal is to get optimal levels of all of your hormones. I started taking a probiotic, nature throid, ADK, DIM to help with my other blood levels, all medications being natural and bio identical. Now my testosterone level…was FOURTEEN! That is insanely low. The optimal range is 150-250….so my symptoms were very much normal with a low level like that.

I was terrified of getting the pellet. They do a small incision in the top of your buttock cheek (like how I said that:)) and insert it. Well, I hate procedures like this and was not looking forward to it. My sister, Rachel, had done it before and assured me it wouldn’t hurt. So she went with me to film them placing it and oh my gosh….it didn’t hurt at all. You get a shot of lidocaine, and that is the only thing you feel for the next three minutes. Start to finish was 3 minutes and 15 seconds. Mind boggling. I was rather relieved, to say the least! After that, they tell you you should start feeling a little difference in 2 to 3 weeks. They check your levels again at 4 weeks, and if your testosterone isn’t optimal yet, they’ll give you a boost pellet (for free) to you get you to optimal levels!

I was anxiously waiting to feel a difference. 2 hours hit….nothing…1 day…nothing. Finally decided to just be patient and wait for the 2 week mark. That hit, and nothing. 3 weeks. Nothing. UGH, I was so sad and I knew my testosterone had to still be low, and sure enough, when I got my 4 week blood work back, it was only 85. So I got my boost and waited again. Welllllll guess who started feeling the results after about a week?! I started realizing I had more energy, and wasn’t wanting to turn into a mummy when I heard the shower turn off. My back pain isn’t as severe either. It still hurts, but not as severe as it did before therapy. AND I am SO MUCH MORE PATIENT with Crew! It’s crazy. I think I was so exhausted that she was agitating me when she wouldn’t listen and I would snap at her a lot. I still do, but I don’t know….I feel like I’m a lot more patient with her now. I get another pellet next month, and from there you get them every 3 to 5 months. It’s a game changer for me….I’m not going to lie.

I have had soooooo many questions about this issue, and I have no negative side effects what so ever. The health benefits are insane as well. Studies show decreased risk for breast cancer, Alzheimer’s, even postpartum depression…they found it worked so much better and quicker than antidepressants! I think men should do this too. Guys are usually weird about stuff like this, but it increases focus, muscle strength, and any guy who would just try it, would be sold! I’m still working on Jake;)

I’m no scholar….so this is poorly written, and I’m sure I’m leaving out details….so if you have ANY questions, you know what to do! (Call me *wink)…just kidding, leave a comment:’)



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