Is The Uppababy Vista the Double Stroller for You?

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We got the Uppababy Vista last year and I have to say that I do GENUINELY love it. I’ll tell you how I feel about it, the pros and cons. The cons are few. The pros are many;) Actually, the negatives just aren’t that bad.

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Now, if you’re looking for a single stroller….this one is amazing. It glides SO SMOOTHLY. Folds and opens easy. It’s wonderful. It really is. The seat goes in either direction, reclines, you can raise or lower the bottom portion of the seat. But seeing as I only use this as a double stroller, that’s what I’ll focus on from here on out.

There’s a ride-along board you can get that attaches to the back of the stroller and your toddler can hop on it. I plan on getting that soon, since Crew likes to get out of her seat (as you can see) but still doesn’t want to walk on her own….toddlers…it’s like their main goal is to make life just a teeeeeeensie bit harder;)


It is my favorite stroller as far as aesthetic goes. Quality product and material, and I honestly LOVE how it looks. This color doesn’t ever look dirty either. I was worried about that, and I haven’t cleaned it once, and it doesn’t look dowdy at all! SUCH a smooth ride, it just glides around like butter. I’ve pushed awful ones before and everyone who gives this a push comments on how smooth it is (I talk about a con concerning pushing, down below.)

VERY large storage space! I’m kind of a bag lady, and take a ton of junk with me, and I’ve never run out of room in this stroller. I love that you can face each seat in either direction, and recline them both. The shades pull down almost to their knees if you need them to so you don’t have to worry about burns if they fall asleep. On their upper body at least;)

Here’s the seats in the other direction.
Note my cup in the storage area. Never spills either.

The seats are very easy to take on and off. And there are colored dots on the adapters needed for the extra seat, that make it easy to know which side each adapter goes on. If you use both seats, you have to have adapters for both. If you’re using it as a single stroller, you don’t need the top adapters. Buckling, tightening and loosening the straps, is all very easy. You aren’t going to lose a thumb nail having to push so hard!


So, here are my cons. The front seat is lower, therefore usually the bigger child goes in that seat. Which means more weight is up front. Imagine walking along, and there’s a crack in the road, a bump in the gravel, etc….and you hit it. No biggie, right?

Except, with this stroller it really catches and it’s a struggle to get it up over that hump! And not every crack, but the bigger ones. If there’s a shift in the sidewalk, it will go over it just fine. If you’re going from the side walk to the road and there’s a bump up….you’re probably gonna get stuck. Usually you use your foot to push the back of the stroller and create leverage, but the basket doesn’t have a hard bar in the edge. There is a bar in the bottom of the storage compartment that you can use, so I just try to leave space underneath in case I need it. And that does work.

When you purchase the VISTA, it comes with the seat you see on top, and a bassinet. You’ll have to purchase a rumble seat separately when you need to use it as a double stroller. The rumble seat doesn’t allow for the foot area to raise and recline. It also seems like they could’ve made it a bit bigger. But Crew fits perfect and can pull her sun shade down over her head with no problem. So it’s not a problem for now.

I do wish it had a little tray with a cup holder and compartment for keys or whatnot. You can purchase that separate, though. A single cup holder, or organizer that includes a cup holder. But there are two pockets in the basket that work perfectly for my cup and another cup. I take my drink EVERYWHERE I go, so that’s very important to me.

Another con is probably loading it into the trunk, closet, bed of the pickup, etc. There’s not a great place to grab it when you’re lifting it up. And because the body is metal, you can pinch your fingers if you grab wrong. My niece figured out pulling it around easy, which has been wonderful. I unlock the brake, and wheel it wherever I’m needing to load it at. I have figured out two spots I grab that make it easier to load. But until you figure that out…it can be a struggle. You can’t fold the stroller with both seats attached, so you do have to take it off before folding the stroller. These are things I just didn’t know before owning it!


YES. YES YES YES. They really do. I adore this stroller, the kids adore it, and it’s here for the long haul! We have the bassinet stored away for our next babe. Once we have a next babe…Crew can ride on the board, Knox can take Crew’s seat, and the baby can go up top in the bassinet or a car seat!

I only tell you all these cons so that you KNOW exactly what you’re getting and what to expect. It stinks not having all the facts when purchasing something. I need to know the good, the bad and the ugly! And in my opinion….this stroller is amazing for anyone looking for a single or double stroller! I hope my review is helpful….and as always, I’m so appreciative of all of you who read:)


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