Knox’s First Boho Birthday Bash

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Knox’s first cake smash…or cupcake and cookie smash. She THOROUGHLY enjoyed herself!

Knox’s first year of life FLEW by so quickly, and like always, I procrastinated planning a birthday party. Then, I became overwhelmed at the thought of getting it planned and done, and was just going to skip doing one. However, a little mom guilt kicked in since Crew got a first and second bday party…and off to the store I went to buy some supplies!

Oddly enough, this was the quickest and easiest party I’ve set up! Everything was done in less than 45 minutes, and the girl who makes all our birthday cakes was able to do it last minute because she rocks! So if you’re planning a boho first birthday, all the decorations you’d need are linked above! And after you’re done with the party, just implement everything around the house as your regular decor!

All fake greenery aside from the hanging plant.

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