My Experience With Lip Fillers

Finding an Injector

Something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time, is get lip fillers. I have a terribly thin top lip and a plump bottom lip that always stuck out way past the top one. The only problem was, there was never anyone I trusted to do it, in the area or surrounding areas. Until I found out about Flawless Med Spa in Albuquerque, NM. A friend of mine had lips similar to mine, where the top lip is more narrow. Then one day I noticed that she had a luscious, beautiful pout and I asked her about it. She had them done by Brooke at Flawless Med Spa, and I booked an appointment quickly after!

The Perfect Spa

Flawless Med Spa is such a beautiful place. It’s bright, clean and gives you a happy feeling when you first walk in. I always say things give me a “safe” or “ick” vibe and their spa definitely gave me a safe one:) Then you get greeted by incredible staff who are SO friendly and kind. It was a wonderful experience. If you book lip injections before February 14th, and mention my name, you can get 15% off. A Juvaderm syringe is usually $550, the discount makes it $467. It lasts about 8-12 months, sometimes longer. Vobella is great for a more natural look and lasts about 4-6 months. A half syring is normally $400, with discount it’s $340. Call them at (505) 888-1185.

Surprisingly Not Painful

Brooke (in above pictures) does the injections at Flawless. She is SO cool. Super friendly, chill and TOTALLY puts you at ease before the procedure…especially if you’re not a huge fan of needles, like me. She uses a 4 point nerve block around your mouth and that’s the most uncomfortable part. The lidocaine burned a little bit, and then it went away almost immediately and you’re left with what feels like gargantuan lips! It’s such an odd feeling, but from there, you’re totally numb and you can literally relax during all the injections!! I was terrified it would hurt, so this was huge for me! She also is very careful and pays attention to detail, which is important when you’re getting your lips done.

I’ve always had a really gummy smile. I’ve tried to train myself not to show as much gum, but you can still see a lot when I start really grinning! I did NOT know that getting lip fillers would fix this. When I smile now, my gums hardly show!! It’s so nice, and makes me a lot happier with pictures!

You can see how different my pucker is. There was never anything there to push out and now there is, so you may see more ‘duck face’ pics in the future;)

Overall an Incredible Experience

Because I’m a blogger, I take a ton of pictures. Something that has always bothered me while editing is how nonexistent my top lip is. It just made any side angle photos look really odd and I was never happy with them. Now I’ve noticed that I don’t mind pics that are at an angle. It adds an evenness to my face, doesn’t draw as much attention to my nose. I’ve been so happy with my results. If you’ve been thinking about lip fillers, I encourage you to do it! Brooke will take good care of you, and I’ve loved having them, so so much!!


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