Little Girl Basic’s for UNDER $15

If you want to wardrobe your child, in cute clothes, that are SO cheap… need to click the links below. I love little girl basics. I own so many of these pieces for my girls, and all of it, is less than fifteen bucks! There is an extra 30% discount on some of it, that will bring it down below $15. I love Old Navy because they make clothes that look just like adult clothes, but in tiny sizes. That’s my main goal when dressing my babes…I want them to dress like little grown ups. Most of the pieces are available up to 5T, but they don’t usually last long. So get busy!

  1. Chambray Dress 2.Shirt 3.Cardigan 4.Suit 5. Mint Shirt 6.Tan Flats 7.Jean Shorts 8.Floral Tank 9.Tan Shorts 10.Headband 11.Straw Purse 12.Sandals 13.Pink Shorts 14.Blank Tank 15.Two tone tan flats 16.White Shirt 17.Jeans 18.Striped Tank 19.Pink Flats

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