MAJORLY Discounted Christmas Ideas

If you need Christmas ideas, I have discount codes for several companies, and for the next few days, this will be the steepest some of these prices will ever go. Everything I talk about, I currently own and love!



Beddy’s Bed. THE most amazing thing ever, you can completely make your bed in less than a minute because it zips up! Crew’s room doesn’t look crazy messy from all the bedding all over the floor. Use code BLACKFRIDAY19 for 25% off the ENTIRE site, and for every $200 spent, you get a $25 gift card! Sale ends DEC 1st at 11:59MST. For Crew we have the Vintage Blush all Cotton, No Minky.

Vintage Blush All Cotton - No Minky - Girls Room


Olive Classic City Pack Classic City Pack Bags

This is their biggest sale EVER! EVERYTHING is 30% off. If you sign up with fringe… you get 20% off EVERYTHING (even sale items,) ALWAYS. Use code FPxEmilyB for the first month free PLUS $10 in your account that you can use towards this sale. Fringe is $10 a month for the benefits, AND $10 towards Freshly Picked. If you don’t use it one month, it goes into your account as a credit to be used later. They have the cutest stuff, and it is AMAZING quality! (Click pictures to shop items.)

Salt Flats Shearling Bow Mocc Mini Sole Mini Sole Shearling Bow Mocc mini soles


Gigi Pip has the best hats, I LOVE them. Until Monday, Dec 1, if you..

  • Spend $50 get 15% off
  • Spend $100 get 20% off 
  • Spend $200 get 25% off

Their baseball caps are the bomb as well!


THE ONLY WAY I DRINK WATER. This water bottle from Infuze Hydration is AMAZING. It has a spot in the lid where you can add flavor (that infuze sells, or use your own) and you can adjust the amount of flavor you get with each sip. I’ve had several people message me after they got one, saying how AMAZING this bottle is. The lid fits any wide mouth vessel you have, so if you already have a vessel, you can just buy the lid. They sell elixers that have vitamin b6, b12, etc, in them…and you just add that to compartment in lid.

BOAZMAN15 gets you 15% off your entire order. This is one of my favorite things I’ve tried this year! You can get the starter kit for $41.


We bought a set of sheets from linens and hutch when Knox was a newborn and have not used ONE OTHER SET since. I wash them, and put them right back on. They have sheets, bedspreads, duvets, duvet covers, and their prices are already low, but with EMILYBOAZMAN, you get an extra 30% off. So you can get bedding for CHEAP! Here are the sheets we have (also pictured)


$10 SALE

Rockets of Awesome is a children’s clothing brand that has a LOT of styles. I’m more of a neutrals gal, and they have a ton of wild, sparkly, out there designs, but also simple, basic stuff I’m drawn to. Their $10 sale is 12 pages of clothing for TEN dollars each. For every 4 items you get, 20% is automatically applied to those four items. I got $100 worth of clothing for the girls, and saved around $400 dollars. Sale ends 12/2! And stuff sells out FAST!


Force of Nature

This cleaning kit is SO COOL. Completely non-toxic, fragrance free, and can be used in place of ALL of your cleaners. You can use it on your baby’s pacifiers and don’t even need to rinse it off afterwards, it’s that safe! You fill up the electrolyzer with tap water, squeeze one activator capsule in, and turn it on. In about 9 minute’s it will show you it’s ready to be used. You pour it into the squirt bottle and get busy cleaning! Use code SOCOOL50 for 50% off a starter kit AND free shipping! Just click the picture down below to go straight to the starter kit!


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