Matching My Girl for our Girl’s Weekend

Matching My Girl for our Girl’s Weekend

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Her hair…She’s a Disney Princess, that’s the only explanation!

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Airport outfit//Mine: Shoes are Nike Thea: this color no longer sold/Flannel is Old Navy/Jeans are banana Rep. sold out, same fit here//Crew’s Outfit: Shirt is Old Navy, black version here/Jeans are Old Navy/Shoes are Old Navy, navy and brown version available for $5.

Matching Blue Outfits: My shirt is sold out at Dillards, my sandals just sold out at Old Navy//Crew’s shoes and pants are Zara, no longer sold/shirt is Old Navy, sold out/Headwrap is Eve’s Touch.

My cousin/BFF/soulmate, Jackie, got married this last weekend, and so my mom, sisters and I all went to Tempe, AZ to be there and celebrate! I’ll just start by saying that wedding weekends are way too stressful. We all still feel hungover(non-alcoholic-y) from the exhaustion of the trip. There’s a constant go-go-go, and last minute details to be done. And we all were POOPED by the time we got back home.

Crew did good on the flights…as good as a one year old that wants to roam free can do. She started yelling pretty loudly. Not crying, just yelling out in an irritated, ‘I’m not getting my way’ type of yell. And when you’re on a plane with total strangers who are already judging you negatively because you have a baby on your hip…it can get some major anxiety going. I’m like, ‘shhh, shh shhhhhhh, here drink some soda, you want mommy’s ipad?? Oooo, what about her expensive camera that is usually off limits??? I bet you want that!” While my armpits start sweating from the stress of everyone around me glaring(totally made up…but feels sooo real), hot flashes from the core of my being and the fear of a full on eruption of sobs emitting from my sweet babe. I hate it. I hate flying with a child. But we did it! We made it there and back with very little problems! They’re basically all ‘could have been’ problems that are the stress factors.

So Jackie looked like a DREAM for her wedding. Her dress is probably the prettiest, best fitting dress I have ever seen in person. It fit like a glove, with gorgeous back detail, so modest, yet classy. Oh man…just beautiful. Her bachelorette brunch was at this place called The Yard and it was SO COOL! If you are ever in that area, you have to check it out! We loved it!! Neat decor, super clean and fun. The food was pretty yummy too.



  1. Debra Bates
    October 8, 2016 / 11:55 pm

    So glad your family got to come. Jackie was Gorgeous as always. The sweetest of ladies. She is truly amazing. Was an honour to get to meet you and crew. You were both most lovely.

    • Sodasippinsister
      October 10, 2016 / 11:02 pm

      I’m glad we got to meet you too!! Thanks for serving all the delicious goodies!

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