Mother’s Day Gift Guide: From Fashion and Pampering, to Gadgets!

My mom has always been a bit hard to shop for. Not because she’s picky per se…but because she is very particular. She doesn’t like clutter, only keeps what she’ll actually use. She wears her “uniforms” which are outfits she has put together that work for her, that she loves, and she doesn’t break out of her classic style box. Which isn’t a bad thing at all…it just makes it a tad harder when trying to buy for her! So! I would get her pretty much everything you see above. I would also get myself everything you see above. I tried to make it basics that most women need/want and love!


// watch – I adoreeee this watch, 40% off right now! //

// shirt (only $12) //

// neck scarf (I love this for summer!) //

// wallet (Yes yes and more yes!) //

// glasses //

// necklace (I got this for Christmas and have not taken it off ONCE!) //


// Loopy Phone Case Okay…pop sockets SUCK once you’ve tried a Loopy! Code BOAZMAN10 will get you 10% off. YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE! //

// Round Portable Charger (SO FRIGGIN HANDY) //

// Apple Watch – Honestly, these are just the handiest things ever! //

// Charging port (Just plop your phone right on it and start charging, AND it’s cute!) //

// Portable charger (same concept as round one, just different shape. I have and love this one in black!) //

// Headphones (My mom uses these every single day, talks on the phone non stop!) //


// Strawberry C Serum – I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin, I get hives with everything, and this has been aaaahhhhmmaaazing! Love it! //

// Candle– Yummy smelling candle, great brand! //

// Face Cleanser– These are wonderful for cleansing and exfoliating your face, this one is $20! //

// Hand Lotions – $6 for the entire set! Who doesnt need lotions for your purse, car, etc?? //

// H2O Hand Lotion – (UPDATE) Lotion in pic sold out, this one has great reviews and is only $6:) //

// Lip gloss – I have this entire set and LOVE it! It’s thick, not just a gloss, but it isn’t color stay. However, it does last! //


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