Mumbelli Baby Bed Review

I love reading reviews on products before I buy them, so here is my review on our Mumbelli baby bed. Hopefully it helps make your decision easier!

When Knox was first born, it quickly became apparent that she had colic…and she hated her swing. And being held. And life altogether pretty much. However….I would put her in this Mumbelli bed and she would do pretty good (she would still cry, don’t get me wrong, but she would calm down waaay more than if I stuck her in the swing or bouncer!) I would set her on the couch, next to a window. On the table in our kitchen (and tell Crew to hop up and keep her entertained.) She liked natural light. And I loved being able to take it everywhere I went in the house.

I also loved the insert. You can Velcro it anywhere on the sides, and it’s supposed to snug them in and mimic a mothers womb. Mum (mom) Belli (belly.) Knox grew EXCEPTIONALLY fast, probably because she got a boob in her mouth every time she cried, which made her colic worse, but it’s so friggin hard to establish just WHAT is making them hurt, and they always want the comfort of nursing. It’s an awful cycle. Anyways, she grew quickly and I stopped using the insert after a few weeks. But this made her feel more secure than her bouncer did!

If you have a preemie…this would be wonderful because they usually do like being nested, and they can grow with it for a long time! You can remove the entire bed fabric and the mattress sheet to wash it.


You can take it anywhere in the house with you.

It has a small wedge that goes right under the head of the mattress if you want. Which elevation is great for colic babes that are spitting up.

You can snug them in with the Velcro insert.

There’s a pocket located on the bed for paci’s or anything needed.


They don’t get to use it past a few months of life (again, Knox grew in height and weight, FAST!)

That’s probably my only con?


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