Never Worry about your Child’s Wardrobe Again!


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Anyone who knows me, know I’m very particular about what I do and don’t like. Especially when it comes to my kiddo’s wardrobe! So when I learned about Mac & Mia…I was hesitant. Basically what it is, is an online company that has stylist’s pick a box of clothes out for your child, based on a style quiz you take. The box comes right to your doorstep packed full of adorable goodies.  It has a fun letter from your personal stylist with tips on how to pair the pieces, and a prepaid return bag for any clothes that don’t work for you. My stylist was Treyla…and she ROCKS. Every item of clothing above, was in my box. Not the shoes, or hair accessories…but everything else!

You actually get to text with whoever is putting your box together, and that makes it very convenient. Treyla was incredibly sweet and super thourough. I sent her an incredibly in depth text about what I do and don’t like, style wise, and that is very helpful to them, so they can get your style just right. But before I received the box, I was nervous…I’m not gonna lie. I am just so dang picky!

When I opened the box, I immediatly noticed the adorable leather purse and bracelet you can see in the pictures above. I flipping LOVE those accessories. She wears the bracelet every day, and night actually. Then I went through each item and was dumbfounded!! Like, shocked! I loved every.single.item! Each piece is so cute, well made, and I would wear them myself! Not one thing went back.

The jeans are probably my favorite things in the box, I haven’t seen such cute kids jeans. Also the split back shirt. And the green bomber jacket. And the cream and pink thermal……and….well basically everything!! I’M SO HAPPY!! I have fall and winter clothes for her, I didn’t have to do ANY work, and she looks adorable. BEYOND impressed with Mac & Mia….and especially Treyla!! If you want to try a box, you can get $20 off your first box with code TREYLA, and if you keep all the items, you get 15% off! You will not be disappointed.


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