Our Time in Houston Part 1


//My Boots are Unisa/ Crew’s dress in hot pink version here//

The wedding Jake was in a few weeks ago, I talked about in a couple posts back, was a two weekend event. The first weekend was in Michigan, and the next one was in Houston. We decided to drive to Houston instead of fly, to save money, and not have to rent a car, and go through the hassle of keeping Crew content on a plane. Welllllll, let’s just say we signed ourselves up for a 10 hour drive with a child that did not want to be in her car seat. We left at 3:45am so Crew could sleep…hopefully most of the way. False. Around 7, when the sun was bright and shining, and I was JUST drifting off to sleepy land, Crew bear decided to wake up. The rest of the drive was me leaning back to give her treats, juice, toys, daddy’s ipad, my phone, and the list goes on. Everything kept her happy for a good 1-2 minutes and then it got tossed overboard. It was adventure for sure(insert x-eyed emoji).

The first night in HUGE Houston, we just stayed in our hotel room, and chilled. Crew loves playing in the rooms, like…she LOVES it. And I let her have at it while I ate Panda Express(the Beijing Beef is tha bomb) and watched It’s a Wonderful Life(first time and I loved it). The next morning was pouring rain. It rarely rains there and we got hit with it most of trip, so we stayed close to the hotel and explored the grounds. It was really pretty and they had the whole hotel decorated for Christmas. Crew loved the outdoor pond. That night was the wedding dinner, and it was held at the NASA Space Center. It was a unique place to have a reception, but it was awesome. I went around to all the little stands and tested them out. I’m pretty sure I’m ready to be an astronaut now. The drive from our hotel to the reception was ONE full hour! Houston is no joke! We were shocked how big it is!

Jake looked up Houston Rocket’s tickets while we were there. We switched hotels on Monday, and the hotel we stayed at was RIGHT next to the stadium, so we decided it was sign and went. Jake always watches ticket prices for the games and if you buy them on the day of, you can get a great seat for super cheap! We sat close to the court, and paid about 40 bucks. But we were so disappointed with the game! We’re OKC Thunder fans, and those games are electric! The stands are full, everyone is involved, it’s such a fun atmosphere. At this game, there were a ton of empty seats, it was a very ‘blah’ environment. But it was nice to know that we are fans of the right team;)

I’ve been wanting a pair of over the knee boots and I found these at TJ Maxx. They sold out online, but you can get them at DSW in the link above. I want a higher length pair, but these were fun to start out with. They’re very comfy and stay up. They don’t sag down but stay nice and snug. If you have a TJ in your area, they may still have black or brown pairs. They’re a lot cheaper in store than online. I hope that one day we can get a TJ in the town I live in, because I’m pretty sure that I alone, could keep it in business!


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