Styling Open Shelves; Tips and Tricks

Open shelving can add such a fun dimension to any room…if styled correctly. If you have shelves that are full of junk, books, games, etc…it may not be as aesthetically pleasing no matter what you do;) Now, I literally only bought my open shelf styled below, to be a visual enhancement. I didn’t need it for anything other than to fill up this little wall we had. I felt like our living room needed something more, and this was absolutely perfect for it! I’ll talk about how I styled it.

// 1. Wooden Hand // 2. Pink Bowl Set // 3. Succulent // 4. Letterboard // 5. Fake Plant // 6. Starburst // 7. Hexagon Mirror // 8. Ostrich Egg Stand // 9. Light Letter Board // 10. Candle Set // 11. flamingo // 12. Succulent on a Stand // 13. Ostrich Egg // 14. Succulent Set // Shop Bookshelf //

Shop Bookshelf


My pops of color are mainly the greenery, and two touches of pink. I love neutrals, and stuck with that. I felt like the orange succulent planter on the bottom shelf, remained within theme and was fine adding it. But I didn’t add too many colors. I stayed within the color scheme I planned out. Whites, creams, grays, blacks, greens, and a little pink. Copper and golds are fine…metal usually always works with neutral colors.

So you’ll notice that I have the book’s with the spine facing the wall…that was so I’d have the white and cream’s of the pages, adding to my color schemes. The actual books didn’t really match too much. And only one of them is of actual use. We bought the other ones at Goodwill! Again….all for aesthetics;) If you are using your shelves for real books, I would suggest taking off all the paper book covers, and using the actual book, and color coordinating your book covers.

I like mixing in the letter and light boards for more dimension and rationalization. The rest of the letters are in that little sack, inside the bowl, right in front of the felt letter board.


When you’re styling your shelves, you need to find a balance. If you notice above, my plants aren’t all on one side, my books are laying flat on two shelves, and the two surrounding them have the books standing up. Only one shelf is actually identical on either side, and that’s the second from the bottom.

I found fun items, and played around with them. The mirror is small, and reflects the pieces in front of it, which is a cool touch. The flamingo is just something I liked. Play around with it, buy a whole bunch of little items, greenery, little pots, and get busy setting it up. It’ll make a room pop, if done right!

Thank you for reading! I hope this inspires anyone looking to style their open shelves.


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