Thank You Cards to Holiday Party Invitations…Basic Invite Has You Covered

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I don’t have a huge need for cards, therefore…I usually never have them when I do need them. And so I end up using BUTT ugly cards I usually have stashed away from a garage sale that have hideous floral art on the front. Not anymore…Basic Invite is changing the game! They have holiday party invites, thank you cards, just tons of templates for any card needs one might have! I love when I receive adorable cards from people, either invites, or thank you cards…and I want to be one of those people as well…and now I can be!

October is a big month for me, as far as needing cards. It’s Crew’s birthday and I always need invites and thank you cards. I also need invites for Halloween get togethers, and usually end up sending out a text message because I’m that lame! I went online and was able to go through and pick out all my cards….and then DESIGN the color scheme and font the way I wanted them! It shows an immediate preview so you can tweak it exactly how you want it. And they have an almost unlimited color palette! I was having a lot of fun getting mine just right. Sounds silly, but it was very gratifying! They have really fun birthday invites.

Something I never did, that I kind of wish I had…is send out a baby announcement when my girls were born. They have the cutest templates and I almost want to make one now and stick them in their baby books and just pretend it was something I had done for them. When they’re older…they’ll have no idea I dropped the ball and think I’m super cool and creative. I probably won’t…actually…I won’t. But I want to.

You can also choose over 40 different envelope colors. Those extra details are important to me. I love companies that really focus on everything! And if you aren’t sure if the card or invite will work….Basic Invite SENDS custom samples so you can make sure it is the perfect card for you!! It’s really rather awesome!

With the holidays coming up….WAY too quickly I might add…don’t fret over the limited supply of templates your walmart photo lab has. Just pop online and look at over 500 Christmas and holiday card designs! You’re going to find one that is perfect! Right now you can get 30% off with code holi30. They also have fun personalized halloween party invitations and elegant thanksgiving dinner invitations. Or if you’re needing any for Christmas festivities they have a nice selection of holiday party invitations. Even wedding invites or save the dates!! Basic Invite has it all! Happy shopping folks!


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