Make Traveling with Your Kids A Little Easier

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This picture does not accurately depict how one looks while traveling with kids. Trade both our happy faces, with ones of pure stress and terror:)

Traveling with kids should be on the list of things that can age you ten plus years. The same list that includes moving and divorce. It can be ROUGH. However, after traveling quite a bit with our 3 year old, and now our 15 month old…we’ve figured a few things out that help us survive the trip a little easier. Don’t get me wrong…it can still be stressful! But it’s nice having everything I linked down below and I’ll explain why!

One – Riding suitcase. This is pretty handy for 2 year olds and up. It fits a lot of stuff, and they can hop on and go scooting through the air port! If you are driving, not needed as much. There’s a strap in it for the parents to pull it as well if your child feels “overcome” with exhaustion at any point (usually anytime it’s inconvenient for us, right??)

Two – Spill proof thermos. Crew loves her drink to be ice cold (just like her momma) and will say, this is OLD sprite, if it loses it’s chill. So we use a thermos style sippy cup for her, and it’s helped keep things nice and chilly!

Three – Backpack (different colors available.) Anything you can pile on your babes to have them help with the carrying process, is a win in my book. I love that this one is leather (pleather;)) and you can wipe it down easier when it gets the inevitable spills or drips on it!

Four – Snack and cupholder. If you’re driving and the carseat has a cupholder, than you can stick to a snack holder. If no cupholder, or flying…this is really nice to have. Especially since the cup and snack holder are spill proof. You can set it on the floor, seat beside them, tray table, etc. Super handy!

Five – Wipe Case. Need I say more??

Six – Nail Kit. Okay. THIS is a lifesaver for me. If you don’t have one…you need one. Since I was in junior high, I have had a nail kit with me EVERYWHERE I go. When I go to the lake, I take it on the boat with me. Nail clippers, tweezers, and little scissors are needed so often, and you will not regret having one with you for the rest of time!

Seven – Motrin. My med of choice for fever, sickness…is usually motrin. Obviously pack whatever you like. And maybe a cold and flu med. But motrin goes with us everywhere!

Eight – Thermometer. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been on vacation and I thought the girls were feeling hot and I couldn’t tell because I forgot a thermometer. Very frustrating. This is rated very well and is only $20! Cheaper than a lot of options around!

Nine – Wet Ones. I like having wet ones and wipes. I feel like they cut through some stickiness better than plain ol wipes!

Ten – Mini First Aid Kit. It’s so handy having a small first aid kit in your bag. With band-aids, alcohol swabs and other little things you can use for bumps and bruises. I keep mine in my diaper bag at all times and it’s so small it’s never bothersome!

Eleven – Disposable Diaper Bags. These bags are so nice to have around! You can actually buy a box at dollar tree, so save some bucks! They have a nice little scent. The box is very flat and easy to store. If you have a poop diaper, trash. Dirty clothes you need to store without them touching anything else in your diaper bag. These are what you need!

Twelve – Hand Sanitizer. Don’t forget this or you will V frustrated at some point on your trip! And this brand is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, alcohol free, and lasts for 24 hours! Even though we know that last part probably isn’t super true;)

Thirteen – Monkey String. Fun activity for traveling! Monkey string is sticky little bendy sticks that you can create fun shapes and designs with! It’s like Wikki Stix and I almost linked this set but it comes in a case and when you’re flying, you may already have too much stuff to worry about to add another case to the mix! No mess with either item. It’s just wax and string! Super cool and fun to play with!

Fourteen – Coloring Kit. Pretty self explanatory. You have markers and a pad that you can consolidate in a thin container and slip it right into the backpack!

Fifteen – LeapFrog Tablet (On major sale right now!) This educational tablet has access to hundreds of books, games, apps, and the LeapFrog subscription. You don’t have to give your kid your Ipad, Tablet or phone anymore! It’s on sale for $66 right now!

Sixteen – Fuzzy Headphones. If you’ve ever tried to keep adult headphones on your kid, you know how dang hard it is. These headphones are awesome! A soft headband with speakers in the ear area, they stay on, and don’t bug your babes ears, like other headphones!

Seventeen – Vaseline. This is a mini version, but not the extremely mini version…and we go NO WHERE without vaseline. So whatever lip moisturizer you use…don’t forget it!

Eighteen – Sandwich Holders. So…with these, you can put a sandwich in them. Or you can add little snacks and goodies. If you use a cupcake liner, it fits right in it, and you can put m&m’s lets say. It’ll hold them there and then add other things like chips, or granola bar, Oreo’s, etc. They’re handy to have, and be able to close the lid!

Not identical, but very similar.
Flat version, heels sold out.

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