Who Gives A Crap….Well, We Do!

There are a few things that I just love; I love having items of necessity in bulk, I love not having to leave the house for those items, and I love companies that have an amazing purpose! Who Gives a Crap provides all of these things! 50% of their profits go to those in need, to help build toilets. All of their products are made without dyes or trees, and are packaged downright adorably! Also…you know when you are at a facility and you grab a piece of toilet paper, your fingers are basically still touching…and you aren’t sure if using the toilet paper is even effective? Yeah…not this stuff…its durable, THREE ply, soft…and I love it!

The specific box I have is the 48 count which you can purchase here. Every roll is individually wrapped, and looks pretty darn cute on the shelves (I have some open shelving, so I really appreciate this fact). You can save ten dollars if you subscribe, and then just choose the frequency you’d like to receive them! Honestly…I love everything about Who Gives a Crap…even the little details like the humorous messages on each roll. Try it out you guys! And then tell me what you think!

THE BEST PART…..use code SODA for TEN dollars off a box!! GO GO GO!


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