Why We Love our Automatic Blinds

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My Smart Blinds!

We wanted to update the blinds in our home and were on the lookout for the simple white wood ones you see in a lot of homes. Automatic blinds weren’t even on my radar. But then I found out about My Smart Blinds and thought we’d give them a go! A really good decision, I must say.

Our house was built in the 40’s, and the window depth on all the windows is less than 3″…which is what you need to mount internal blinds. But…not a problem. You can order outside mount blinds and they just cover the entire window frame. I LOVE how it transformed our room. We had curtains before and I got annoyed with them touching the floor, collecting dust, having to try not to accidentally pull them off the wall when I’d vacuum. I just love them.

We got them in our bedroom to start with, and then decided we had to have them for our massive living room window as well. They connect to an app, and multiple phones, devices, can connect to the same blinds. I have my living room blinds scheduled to open at 9am, and close at 6pm. I even have the exact position I want them opened to, programmed in. It’s wonderful!!!!

If you want to order blinds for your home, use code EMILY20 for 20% off. You can put custom measurements in. If you already have blinds you love and want to make them automatic…they sell a kit that will make your blinds automatic too! I’m so glad we got them, we plan to get them in every room of our home!


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