Everything You Need to Know About Great Wolf Lodge

We had the opportunity to work with Great Wolf Lodge this past weekend and it was such a fun experience! Even though basically everyone seems to know about these wonderful indoor water parks, I did not know about them until a couple months ago! If you’re like me, this post may help you out if you’re looking into staying at a Great Wolf Lodge Resort! I’ll walk you through all the details of our stay, how the hotel is set up….so on and so forth!


Great Wolf Lodge is a large hotel, completely themed like you’re in a cabin/woodsy area. Huge trees inside everywhere. Tree house balconies you can go stand on. Trashcans decorated with animals sitting on them. And of course….an indoor water park, connected right to your hotel!


If you are going to stay the night, the water park is included in your stay. Even on the day you leave, they will keep your luggage and you can stay and spend the entire day at the park. If you don’t want to stay the night, you can get a day pass that will cost anywhere from $50-$100 depending on what all you want included and when you’re going. We stayed 2 nights, that way we were able to bring Knox right up to the room to put her down for a nap. And, so we didn’t have to drive to another hotel, all wet and weary, after playing in the water all day. Very convenient!


They give you each armbands, and those get you into the water park, your room, you can pay for things by scanning them. It was a new experience for me, and I thought they might be bothersome, but it was actually really nice not having to worry about a room key, or cash! If you lose them, it costs $50 to replace, but if you break it or want it off, just go to the front desk and they’ll replace it for free!


The rooms are all very similar, you can get special rooms with a kid cabin that’s a cool theme. Like wolf or bear themed. It has bunk beds, a television and it’s just a separate room for kids to have fun in (they do cost more.) The rooms are very clean. Each room has a small fridge, microwave, couch, table and chairs to eat at. Not extremely fancy, but clean. You can bring food into the water park, which is nice. Prices are steep, so if you plan carefully, you can save a lot of money by bringing food and drinks. Because we drove 6 hours, I already had a cooler full of diet mountain dew (if you know me, you know I HAVE to have diet dew, and that’s ALL I drink) and I was able to drink happily the whole time. They have a coca-cola drink dispenser, where you can choose any coke product (and diet and reg dr pepper) and flavor you want. So if you’re a pepsi person…you’re out of luck!


I will say that bringing a kid around Knox’s age (15 months) will take ANY relax factor out of your trip! Crew was able to run around, and I could sit and watch her from the side. But even the shallowest water, is still drowning water for Knox. So we had to literally stay RIGHT by her side the entire time! And then when Jake or I wanted to go down one of the big slides, the other had to watch both kids….and it was a tad exhausting trying to keep both of them in my site, and above water. But with both of us there watching them, it was very doable. I wanted to to hit the slides over and over, but I felt too bad leaving Jake by his lonesome with the girls:) If your kids are 3 and up, I think it’s the perfect age for a place like this!


You can swipe your wrist band for towels, and then when you return them you just swipe it again. Take a towel with you, and you’re out 15 bucks! They suggest bringing your own if you’re just there for the day, but no worries if you don’t! There’s also a spa, nail salon, 3D Movie theater, pizza places, ice cream shop, face painting, gift shop for swim gear and souvenirs. So so much! Not included in the price! Oh, and a huge outside pool with slides as well! It was closed the day we went because of weather!


There’s an arcade right outside of the entrance of the water park and we had a lot of fun there. Me and Jake LIVE to compete on the basketball hoops, even though he won every time (except once, and that’s the only time I keep bringing up.) Crew played a ton of games and was so excited to try allllll of them. You swipe a card which has the money you put on it, and it keeps track of tickets you win, so you can purchase a prize. A small prize;) Like 20 dollars worth of tickets….will get you a one dollar toy, baha. We enjoyed the arcade quite a bit.

Well, that’s all I have on our Great Wolf Lodge experience! If you’re thinking about going, I hope this answers any questions you may have! And if you need more information, just comment below!


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