If In Dallas, You HAVE to Stay at the Texican Court!

We went to Dallas for our 5th anniversary, and got to work with the amazing Texican Court! When Jake and I got married, I quickly found out that he loves planning trips. He has planned every detail of our numerous trips, down to train stations being in walking distance from hotels. He thinks of EVERYTHING. And he always picks really cool boutique-style hotels that have amazing reviews, for us to stay at.

…like this place. He researched and looked at reviews and pictures and once he showed me….I was hooked. It was honestly a dream. Every part of it was decorated SO cool! It has an amazing, laid back atmosphere. The rooms and grounds are very clean, and well kept! And the floors are concrete. Concrete floors make me very happy. I feel MUCH cleaner walking around on them, rather than carpet that can’t get a good soapy mop! And they really add to the vibe of the place.

My favorite suitcase ever!

Can we talk about these freaking cool refrigerators?? They have them in every room, the lobby, and they’re loaded with ice cold drinks you can purchase. I stuck my diet mountain dew’s in there, as well as our leftover food, and it was perfect. I hate fridges that don’t get things ice flipping cold.

Those pink doors…love love love them! They are pink on the inside and outside, and I honestly took hundreds of pictures here. It was SO hard dwindling it down to these few. Even though there are more than a few pics here;)

The pool was wonderful. It has a shallow section that the lounge chairs sit on, and is perfect for the kids to play…and for me to relax;) Jake was was the fun parent during our pool visits…I feel like he usually is. Also…anyone else wish there were emoji’s on blog posts?? I feel like I’ve grown to completely rely on them to help convey my feelings. Words just aren’t enough for this non-writer;))

The entire hotel has cool decor for everything! The chairs, light fixtures, coffee tables, rugs. All of it. I love the effort they put into making it really beautiful, AND you can get the rooms FOR AMAZING PRICES! It’s only seven months old, and ugh, it was just perfect for us. We are already planning to go back.

These cool bikes?? Yeah, you can take them whenever you want and go for a spin! Really cool touch!

Again with the cool furniture and decor.

These robes come in every room, and the basket on the counter is actually their trash cans in all the rooms! I put ours up so Knox wouldn’t go digging.

They loved the pool so much, these chairs are wonderful so you don’t boil, but don’t have to commit to fully going in.

I couldn’t recommend this hotel more. If you’re in Dallas, you will love staying at the Texican Court, and if you’re in Austin or College Station…you can stay at their sister hotels that have amazing reviews as well!! Well….as always, thanks for reading!


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