What to Pack for the Pool/Beach

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Everything you need for a day at the beach, or in our case…the pool! Last year we went to the pool several times a week. I finally got with the program and packed a pool bag that had everything we needed in it, and it made life so much easier! When we got home, I would hang it in the girls room and wash the towels and suits. When we went to the pool, I would grab the pool bag and head out the door! So simple! This towel is on sale for $20 down from $80, but only for a short time!

There are a lot of good deals on the items, the two suits are $30 and under! The beach bag is waterproof with a ton of pockets, which is a necessity in bags. I’ve tried the sunscreens above and love them both. The tanning mousse is good, but you need to use a couple times a week to get a good base color as it does wash off easily.

Lastly, I have a small cooler and it is life changing. I bring it on road trips as well and it’s SO HANDY. It fits 6 cans, and whatever other snacks you want to throw in. I love having my cooler with me, especially since I drink copious amounts of Diet Mountain Dew, and want them ice cold at all times! Happy pool/beach shopping!


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